Heinen & Hopman Romania’s production facility provides a wide range of manufactured HVAC necessities/components, such as:

  • Rectangular ducting within the range of 0,8 mm - 8 mm thickness;.
  • Sound dampers;
  • Louvres, hatches and grids;
  • Penetrations, goosenecks, mushrooms

The above mentioned can be executed in steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Heinen & Hopman Romania also provides all types of insulation including metal/aluminium sheeting for bulkheads and for pipes, special insulation for HVAC-R systems, ships exhaust, boiler systems and sanitary systems.


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Contact Heinen & Hopman Romania in order to benefit from high quality services in the sector of commercial shipbuilding, super-yachts, offshore, sailboats, temporary waterfront homes, military ships, civil and industrial buildings.


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